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TLC Names Kevin Keiter as Shareholder

TLC Names Kevin Keiter as Shareholder


August 28, 2019 – The Board of Directors of TLC Engineering Solutions, Inc. announces that Kevin Keiter, PE, has re-joined TLC as a shareholder, recognizing his contributions and efforts to the firm, specifically in the aviation market.

Kevin originally joined TLC in 1993 after graduating from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. Over the next 20+ years, Kevin led, managed and contributed to numerous major TLC projects, including many in the aviation market. Kevin was a key contributor to establishing and managing the firm’s Tampa office until 2013, when the Keiter family began a yearlong trip across America. Kevin returned to TLC in 2014, again supporting predominantly aviation projects and pursuits at Orlando International, Tampa International and SEA-TAC, as well as other airports.

In 2015 Kevin and his family moved to Colorado Springs for Kevin to work full-time for Engineering Ministries International (EMI) using his engineering and management skills to support EMI’s vision of seeing people restored by God and the world restored through design. He has led multiple EMI trips, managing projects and serving countless people in many countries, often involving his wife, Jenni and their children. Simultaneously Kevin remained engaged in TLC’s aviation market efforts on an occasional basis, both in executing projects and pursuing new opportunities. The TLC Board of Directors recognizes Kevin’s commitment and engagement as Kevin resumes his shareholder status and continues to balance his work at EMI with supporting TLC’s aviation market practice.


In the above image, Kevin is honored by Joshua Tonui, director of Africa Inland Church’s 130 bed Litein Hospital and his medical superintendent following EMI’s assessment of the hospital’s facilities and infrastructure. EMI returned to Kenya in 2018 to complete a master plan for the facility expansion and upgrades to their water, wastewater and electrical systems.

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