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A fitness challenge in the summer is a great way to jumpstart healthy habits for you and your family. Back in June, TLC began the 2nd annual fitness challenge for its employees and their families. Earning points may be ending, but the memories and habits will last a lifetime! See a few employees and their families exercising in various ways in the pictures below!

Left to Right: Alex Bradford, a friend, Austin De Lau, Andrew Edgerton, Chris Maitski, Cody Lidy, and Cody’s girlfriend wrapped up the fitness challenge with 3.5-hour kayaking trip in Wekiwa Springs State Park!
Marketing Manager, Kim Jowers, after finishing a great workout.
“We were on vacation in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks during a large portion of the fitness challenge. Hiking is a great way to experience nature and get fit. Many of my logged exercise minutes came from hikes during our trip.” – Kristy Walson, Principal
Technology Designer, Steve Syphard, didn’t let the Florida heat stop him from logging minutes for wakesurfing.
TLCers and Husband/Wife duo, Ricardo and Katrona Walker, getting their evening walk in while keeping the competition between teams close!
Sr. Electrical Specialty Designer, Chuck File, enjoyed a hike in Colorado while taking some time off.
Left to Right: Karen Sanders, Lindsay Owens, Austin De Lau, Dan Lewis, and Sarah Rivera went for a 3-hour kayaking trip in Wekiwa Springs State Park to celebrate 4th of July!
HR Manager, Brenda Euler, logged 4 hours of hiking on the Appalachian Trail in her recent visit to North Carolina.
Marketing Specialist, Teri Ashori and her husband enjoyed bicycle rides through Lake Nona and past many great TLC projects.