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Sarasota County Emergency Operations Center

Sarasota, FL, USA
Sarasota County Emergency Operations Center
Sarasota, FL, USA
Public Safety & Judicial
Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Technology
Project Size

40,439 square feet


The emergency operations center houses Sarasota County’s 911 emergency communications, 311 call center and sheriff’s and fire administration training. It includes administrative offices, a main data room, intermediate distribution frame rooms, conference rooms and multipurpose rooms, along with police and fire response training areas. A media briefing room is equipped with press and FEMA truck pedestals to keep the public informed on a real-time basis.


During a countywide emergency, the emergency operations center can remain operational for up to 72 hours and can accommodate more than 300 people. A 250 foot communications tower is connected to the building and grounded for lightning strikes to further assure communication continuity during an emergency.