Tampa International Airport Boarding Bridge Air Conditioning

Tampa, FL, USA
Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing

ASHRAE Region XII, Regional Technology Award, 2016

ASHRAE National, Technology Award, Honorable Mention, 2017

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Tampa International Airport, focusing on passenger comfort and minimizing cooling demand on the terminals, elected to cool their boarding bridges rather than relay on air flow from the terminal and/or plane to provide thermal comfort in order to keep passengers comfortable while boarding the plane.


TLC engineered a custom fabricated ductwork system to fit the telescoping bridge by utilizing heavy gauge, and continuously bent steel, with an airfoil like wing design for stiffness. We used the pre-conditioned air 23°F glycol system, the 100% outside air positively pressurizes the bridge and is capable of cooling the 125’ length from 120°F to 75°F in seven minutes.