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COVID-19 Support

COVID-19 Support


When COVID-19 dramatically changed the world, TLC team members transitioned to working from home, using our robust IT infrastructure to continue support of our clients and maintain project schedules. We’ve assisted numerous health care providers through the challenges of making adjustments to their facilities to protect patients and staff, as well as supporting efforts with the creation of temporary care facilities. Michael Sheerin, our CEO, leads the ASHRAE 170 Standing Standard Project Committee on Ventilation on Health Care Facilities and through that channel has provided numerous updates and advice on how to prepare health care facilities for this incredible challenge.

The regularly updated information from Michael’s team may be found here.

Click here to access the Air Clean Time Calculator.

We continue to support health care facilities as they manage their ongoing response to COVID-19.

Looking forward

As we begin to transition to the ‘new normal’ we’ve taken a hard look at steps to help people in existing buildings confidently return. And while there are consistencies among both immediate and longer range measures and strategies, how a building is used impacts appropriate measures to consider, thus TLC market sector leaders have published guidelines of steps to consider, unique to each marketplace.

Links to these suggestions may be found below:

Office Guidelines

Contact Brian Lomel for more information on the office guidelines via

K-12 Guidelines

Lawrin Ellis

Contact Lawrin Ellis for more information on the K-12 guidelines via

Higher Education Guidelines

Contact Matt Wiechart for more information on the higher education guidelines via

Aviation Guidelines

Dominic Cacolici

Contact Dominic Cacolici for more information on the aviation guidelines via


Justin Mulhollan

Contact Justin Mulhollan for more information on the entertainment guidelines via

Hospitality Guidelines

Contact Frank Robertson for more information on the hospitality guidelines via

Click the video below to hear TLCer Brian Lomel talk COVID-19, buildings, HVAC, and more in this Coffee Talk!

We’re ready to help you. From a basic assessment of your current building operations and ventilation, to tackling larger measures like how buildings currently in the early stages of planning must evolve to incorporate measures that will safeguard building occupants.

Reach out to your local TLC office, or any of the market sector leaders listed here, or contact us at

Stay safe and stay well.