Infrastructure / Central Energy Plants

Planning for today - and tomorrow with centralized systems

Real estate developments, corporate, education and health care campuses, and many types of building benefit from efficient centralized energy plants and planned infrastructure across the proposed or existing development.

TLC has designed and commissioned a wide variety of central energy plants of varying capacities and types – from thermal energy storage facilities that earn utility rebates to large campus system that require redundancy and fail-safe backup systems and the capacity to expand for future plans. Expanding existing plants, replacing aging equipment and increasing plant efficiency are specialties of TLC’s, using analytical information to arrive at the most appropriate and cost efficient solution for today and the future.


In the past ten years, TLC has engineered 100+ Central Energy Plants with capacities that exceed 1,000 tons of cooling capacity.

What Our People Say

Developing a masterplan for utility infrastructure that has to stand the test of 30, 40 or more years in an ever changing world is a challenge and drives me. It’s all about the engineering with a side order of architecture! These are great opportunities to drive sustainability and resiliency.

Albert W. LaPera
Associate | Senior Consultant | Energy