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Commissioning for Fine-Tuning

Increasingly complex building systems and aggressive construction schedules make new building commissioning one of the best investments an owner can make. Commissioning maximizes the return on your building investment by assuring you operational excellence from the day you open the doors. Code and/or sustainability rating systems require various levels of commissioning to confirm efficient operations of new facilities.

David V. Miller

I have always been interested in how things work. As an engineer and a commissioning agent, I am able to stimulate this curiosity on a daily basis. Additionally, the commissioning process often provides an immediate and tangible sense of accomplishment.

David V. Miller Principal | PEAK Institute 321.877.4291
Robert M. (Mac) Coble, II

I believe TLC does great work, has had great project opportunities, is respected,  stands behind the work, and is a great engineering firm for development of the younger engineers. I have been grateful to have been a shareholder in the firm and to work with a great group of individuals I am proud to consider as friends.

Robert M. (Mac) Coble, II Principal 904.396.8339
Mark A. Gelfo

Working with our clients to solve their design and operations challenges, to help create high performing buildings that are functional and beautiful is incredibly satisfying!

Mark A. Gelfo Managing Principal 904.396.8346
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The TLC commissioning process

Existing buildings, whether previously commissioned or not, also benefit from a tune up. The TLC commissioning process is focused on comprehensive testing of the mechanical and electrical systems to identify and resolve comfort and efficiency problems before they negatively impact either the building operations or owner.

Whether your building is being planned or already exists, TLC Engineering Solutions’ commissioning procedures, documented in CxAlloy, provide owners with clear direction on building systems and provide a road map for managing it in the future.