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Sustainable Building

Sustainable Building

A Core Value at TLC

More than 15 years ago, TLC Engineering helped achieve the first LEED-certified building in Florida. We believe green building designs are a team sport. These designs engage our project team partners in a collaborative and integrated effort to find passive system solutions. Our solutions reduce energy demands before we spend the owner’s money on more complicated and expensive active systems and technologies. We focus on finding opportunities to both reduce project first cost and operating costs.

In 2010, TLC’s Board of Directors signed the AIA 2030 Commitment, one of the first engineering consultants to do so. Our Sustainability Action Plan, which we update annually, details our achievements and sets the bar for future steps. TLC Engineering Solutions reports predicted energy use intensity of our designs. This data is used to monitor the success of the 2030 Commitment and progress towards net zero greenhouse gas emissions in the future.

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Kristy M. Walson

Buildings can be designed, constructed, and operated to have a positive impact, on our environment, our health, and on our children, and I want to be part of making it happen.

Kristy M. Walson Principal 407.487.1118
Kim E Shinn

I practice engineering because the results of my work can improve and protect the health, safety and welfare of human beings.  In short, it’s not my career, it’s my cause.

Kim E Shinn Principal | Sustainability Wizard | PEAK Institute 615.394.4297