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Behavioral Health Facilities

Behavioral Health Facilities

DeAngelis Diamond Healthcare Group

Therapeutic Environments to Promote Wellness

Meeting the Diverse Needs of Patients

Across the nation, expanded access to mental health treatment and social awareness of behavioral health have resulted in an increase of designing and engineering behavioral health facilities.

TLC combines forward-thinking strategies, technology and sustainability to create positive outcomes in therapeutic environments. An abundance of natural light, monitored access to the outdoors and floor plan layouts that increase social interaction are some of the components in behavioral health facilities that are proven to help reduce stress and promote patient well-being. Integrating safety measures into the healing environment by avoiding elements that might lead to self-injury are of the utmost importance for patients.

Aaron L. Johnson

Engineering for the healthcare industry is rewarding knowing that my work is going directly into the safety and well-being of other human beings.

Aaron L. Johnson Principal 407.487.1241
Christopher V. O’Hara

I get satisfaction from managing challenging healthcare engineering projects and creating healthcare facilities that are safe, sustainable and beneficial to the communities in which we work.

Christopher V. O’Hara Principal 407.487.1242

TLC develops lighting design strategies that are attuned to patients’ circadian rhythms, reducing patient anxiety and improving behavioral health.