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UHS Wekiva Springs Center Addition

Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Universal Health Services

UHS Wekiva Springs Center Addition
Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Healthcare, Behavioral Health Facilities
Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing
Project Size

25,000 square feet


Wekiva Springs Center expanded its facility through the addition of a 20,000 square foot, 60-bed inpatient facility, renovation of pharmacy and dining areas and replacement of an aging outpatient building with a 4,800 square foot outpatient facility. The center helps patients heal by providing comprehensive behavioral health and substance abuse treatment.


The design team developed a creative, cost-effective solution for corridor racking and offsite restroom construction. After analyzing several options, the team designed a pre-insulated air distribution ductwork that is lighter than conventional ductwork. This option resulted in schedule savings of two weeks on the overall project and an estimated 10% cost savings, in comparison with conventional ductwork.