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Infrastructure (CEP) / Master Planning for Hospitals

Infrastructure (CEP) / Master Planning for Hospitals

Designing for the Future

Your Partner in Developing Strategic and Cost-Effective Master Plans

TLC serves as an integrated design team member that contributes to the development of comprehensive roadmaps that meet owners’ long-term strategic goals. We work with teams to understand the programming needs and to develop tailored solutions while improving operational efficiencies. TLC engineers the infrastructure needs of hospitals to be flexible to handle additional capacity in the future and to accommodate changing demands.

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Engineering Reliable Central Energy Plants

The design of reliable, uninterrupted power and other utilities for healthcare facilities is our specialty. Central energy plants for large healthcare campuses often serve as district utility plants, providing cooling, heating and emergency power. As a full-service engineering firm, we’re able to consolidate these energy services, offering greater benefits to the owner, including capital cost savings, targeted energy efficiency, system redundancy and maintenance. Sophisticated building management monitoring, instrumentation, controls and automation are also factors woven into our designs.

Mark J. Costello

I have watched the firm evolve from 35 employees to close to 400.  When the shareholder program was enacted it provided an avenue for those who embraced leadership to help determine the firms direction and have a voice.

Mark J. Costello Principal 407.487.1226
Chris L. Mouer

Most people get to work on one career-defining project during the course of their career. Since coming to TLC in 1996, I have had 12 of them.

Chris L. Mouer Principal 407.487.1206

TLC has designed enough cooling tonnage for hospital CEPs to cool 10 copies of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper in the world towering at 163 stories.