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Energy Services

Energy Services

Getting the Best Performance from Your Facility

From the moment a building is completed, it begins to change. Internal and external changes result in energy and water efficiency degrading over time. Concurrently, improvements in building technology and systems offer solutions not available at the time of design. Energy audits and retro-commissioning, specialties of TLC, are checkups of building health.

These reviews range from a simple analysis of energy and water costs and rates to investment grade energy audits that help building owners plan for and implement changes created to protect their asset value. TLC team members, experienced in both design and construction, are hands on at your site and identify potential issues and opportunities. We build energy models to compare potential solutions and life cycle costs that give owners high-performance building solutions.

Cory Duggin

Part of being an engineer is understanding how the world around us works in a way that most people don’t observe.  I think it’s our duty to use that knowledge to provide the most efficient, innovative, and cost effective designs to our clients.

Cory Duggin Principal | PEAK Institute 615.346.1939
A. Brian Lomel

 TLC is progressive about offering sustainability and human health based solutions to age old built environment challenges.

A. Brian Lomel Principal | Director of PEAK Institute 954.439.6137
Kristy M. Walson

Buildings can be designed, constructed, and operated to have a positive impact, on our environment, our health, and on our children, and I want to be part of making it happen.

Kristy M. Walson Principal 407.487.1118
Albert W. LaPera

Developing a masterplan for utility infrastructure that has to stand the test of 30, 40 or more years in an ever changing world is a challenge and drives me. It’s all about the engineering with a side order of architecture! These are great opportunities to drive sustainability and resiliency.

Albert W. LaPera Associate | Senior Consultant | Energy Services 813.281.8416