KPMG Lakehouse

800000 FT2
Orlando, FL, USA
Commercial / Mixed-Use

Registered LEED 2009, Targeting Silver Certification

ENR SE, Award of Merit, 2020

Project list


The KPMG Lakehouse is a 4+ Star conference hotel that provides six levels of guestrooms and two levels of public space. KMPG centralized their global training program in this facility with plans to send 50,000 professionals annually to this location. Serving as both a location for training employees and housing the employees during training, the building has facilities for virtual meetings, and visualization of financial details and graphics. Operating the facility created 330 jobs.


TLC commissioned the facility’s central energy plant (CEP) housing a 2,400 ton water-cooled chilled water system. The public spaces are served with variable air volume air handling units (VAVs) including associated VAV terminal units with electric heat. The guestroom levels are served with two-pipe chilled water fan coil units and dedicated outside air units ducted to every guestroom. The building also has a 1,250 kW emergency generator and associated automatic transfer switches.