Corporate Overview

With a continuous drive to learn and grow, TLC is dedicated to designing a difference. Click here to learn more about TLC's culture and experience.

Dr Phillips Center

Design Your Career with TLC

With more than 65 years of experience and consistently ranked among the largest engineering firms in the country, TLC is an industry leader with expertise in diverse markets, from education to healthcare to aviation. Click here to learn how you can design your career by joining Team TLC.

Energy Services

From the moment a building is completed, it begins to change. Internal and external changes result in energy and water efficiency degrading over time. Using the latest technologies and structured methodologies, see here how TLC’s staff of professionals provides a wide array of energy services.

Healthcare Center of Excellence

There is a high demand for healthcare facilities that protect and save lives while maximizing operational efficiencies. Click here to learn how TLC can help enhance the human experience through healthcare design.

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Higher Education Facility Engineering

Higher Education providers are facing increased competition from students demanding specialized programs and learning environments. Click here to learn how TLC can help provide a unique and educational experience through higher education facility engineering.

Arts & Entertainment Facilities

Following the global COVID-19 pandemic, arts & entertainment facilities such as performing arts centers, museums, and libraries will be popular choices where people can reconnect. Click here to learn how TLC can help create show-stopping arts & entertainment facilities.

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K-12 Education Facility Engineering

The educational environment is evolving to support alternative learning methods while incorporating expanded use of technology. Click here to learn how TLC can help design state-of-the-art K-12 education facilities.

Hospitality & Amenities Engineering

There are many ways to create an impactful guest experience. Click here to learn how TLC can help create unique destinations through hospitality and amenities engineering.

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Federal Engineering

There can be complex challenges with publicly funded buildings. Click here to learn how TLC's research on the changes and trends that affect engineering, design requirements, and project delivery methods help create high-performance facilities through federal engineering.

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High Performance Chiller Design

Did you know that you can potentially save 30% by optimizing plants over code minimums? Click here to read about how TLC can help maximize savings through high-performance chiller design.

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Aviation Expertise

Airports and travelers require compliance with security demands as well as integrated technology that entertains and informs. Click here to learn how TLC can help design a cutting edge aviation facility.

Venues & Acoustics

Acoustical and Venue design can be complex and requires experience our team delivers. Click here to discover the difference over 35 years of experience can make.

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High-Rise Commercial Space

These majestic structures present unique challenges and cost-saving opportunities through effective design. Learn more here and explore how we can help with your next project.

Structural Design

Forces of nature and unique demands are some of the challenges TLC's engineers conquer regularly. Explore the variety of projects our structural team has worked on.

Local & State Government

Click here to learn how TLC improves communities across the nation with functional, energy efficient and comfortable spaces.