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Freestanding Emergency Departments

Freestanding Emergency Departments

Staying Online 24/7

Emergent Care in an Efficient Manner

Due to the nature of freestanding emergency departments, patient wait times and volume of patients vary significantly. We make sure the facility systems are efficient in peak times and functional all the time.

Like any hospital emergency department, a freestanding emergency department needs to be operational 24/7—365 days out of the year. We design each and every freestanding emergency department so that it has intelligent, reliable and efficient backup generator systems sized to carry entire building loads for extended periods of time. TLC helps our clients deliver the same quality of care in their freestanding emergency departments as their patients have come to expect from their traditional facilities.

Chris L. Mouer

Most people get to work on one career-defining project during the course of their career. Since coming to TLC in 1996, I have had 12 of them.

Chris L. Mouer Principal 407.487.1206
Mark J. Costello

I am most proud of how in my small way I have help shape the healthcare group and contribute to setting the standards that has made us a major contributor to the firm and industry.

Mark J. Costello Principal 407.487.1226

Over 4 million patients were treated in TLC designed emergency departments last year.