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Halifax Health Medical Center of Deltona

Deltona, FL, USA


Halifax Medical Center of Deltona consists of a freestanding emergency department (FSED) and a hospital, as well as a planned medical office building. The FSED has 16 beds and 12 examination rooms, including a bariatric examination room, a trauma treatment area, an isolation room and a decontamination room. The 96-bed hospital addition to the FSED includes operating suites, a surgery center and an imaging center, including MRI, CT, X-ray, mammogram and ultrasound.


The supporting central energy plant provides 2,000 tons of cooling through two 1,000-ton water-cooled chillers and two 1,000-ton high-performance cooling towers, with space to support an expansion. There are also two 1,500 kW emergency generators and a standalone clean steam generator for sterilization. Sustainable design features include premium efficiency motors, LED light fixtures and storm and HVAC condensate to supplement irrigation and cooling tower makeup water.