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Humanity’s need to harness energy dates to the early days of transferring heat through fire. People’s abilities to capture energy have greatly progressed throughout history, thus, creating the need to become more efficient with our consumption and waste. Over time, the need for energy engineering services developed in correlation with the market shift toward sustainable design, generating a wide spectrum of services to fall under this broad term.

TLC Engineering Solutions (TLC) has been on the forefront of sustainable design and has a deep bench of dedicated energy engineers that can support a variety of our clients’ needs. TLC has been the “go to” resource for understanding how buildings and their systems use energy, as well as acting as a guide to help our customers make their energy reduction goals a reality.

TLC offers our clients a wide range of services to help with their energy needs:

● Facility Energy Auditing
● Energy Modeling
● Utility Rate & Rebate Analysis
● Performance Contracting Design Support
● District Energy Plant Analysis
● Third-Party Project Review
● Additional Services

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