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Celebrate some of our veterans and our families with us! Read their stories and meet some of their loved ones!

Anna Pounders’ late Grandpa, George “Bud” Day was a military hero and the most decorated US Military Officer since Douglas MacArthur.
Beverly Johnson’s father, Bryce David Carver, served as an Army Ranger in Vietnam. He is pictured in both of the top photos. Her childhood sweetheart, Jon Wiggins II (first photo), Jon’s brother, Jason (second photo), and Jason’s son, Justin (third photo), all served in the Marine Corps.
Sergeant Cameron Livingston, MWSS-373 Data Systems Engineer Chief, served in Operation Inherent Resolve supporting all ground and air combat operations with communications.
Danielle Eberhardt’s father, Howard W. Doig, served in the Army.
Emily Hubbard’s husband, Al, retired as a senior chief in the Navy.
Denise Saltzman, a young and boisterous woman who wanted to protect the United States and everyone’s freedom served in the Navy.
Georgia Stoppenbrink’s father, Ken Mylius, was a WWII Vet and Paratrooper for the Army, (her mother is pictured with him). His special unit was known as the Black Devils, and there is a movie about his outfit called the Devils Brigade.
Glenn Climer’s dad & Kurtis Climer’s grandfather, Don Climer, served in the Navy during the Korean War and was a TLCer for 10 years in the 1980s.
Jim Braxmeier’s father served in the Army.
Karen Sanders’ brother served in the Air Force and her mother served in the Navy.
Lee Buquo served 10 years in the Air Force as a Staff Sargent (E-5).
Ray Stacey served in the 2nd Battalion; 1st Regiment; 1st Marine Division of the Marine Corps. He is pictured at Marble Mountain south of DaNang, Vietnam in 1969.
Scott Henry served in the Marine Corps as a Combat Engineer / EOD.
Sheryl Swartzle’s uncle, Harry Brannon, served in the Army and fought in Vietnam.
Steve Syphard retired from submarine duty with the Navy in 1994 after 20 years.
Tim McCord served in the Air Force from November 1974 to November 1982. Staff Sergeant, Electronic Warfare Technician assigned to the 509th Bomb Wing Strategic Air command. His son, Evan Patrick McCord, is a 2nd Lieutenant, Infantry assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division.