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HAL Data Center

Aurora, CO, USA
HAL Data Center
Aurora, CO, USA
Mission Critical
Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Technology, Energy Services, Life Safety and Fire Protection
Project Size

40,000 square feet


Certified LEED v2009 NC Silver, 2013


Significant weather events are a major concern for companies with mission critical facilities. A major corporation decided to mitigate its risk and reduce energy use by relocating its Mission critical Tier 2 data center from the southeast U.S. to a mountain region with a more temperate climate, providing opportunities for energy reduction through intelligent HVAC design capitalizing on local weather patterns.


The 24/7 facility has a capacity of 204 cabinets and 2N electrical service, which is achieved by two 2MW stand-by generators and two 625 KVA uninterruptible power supplies expandable to 1.1MW allowing for future expansion. The HVAC system results in an energy reduction of 27% compared to the ASHRAE 90.1-2007 baseline as well as a 29% cost savings, as applied to the overall Energy & Atmosphere LEED credit.