Marion County Jail Expansion

Expansion 183,000 FT2
Renovation 46,000 FT2
Ocala, FL, USA
Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing / Technology
Project list


The expansion more than doubled the size of the correctional complex, providing space for 640 medium-security beds. The expansion added seven new buildings: an intake, booking and discharge building; food service and laundry; medical and special needs housing for up to 40 inmates; two inmate dormitories; a juvenile detention building; and a video visitation center


TLC’s high-tech security design included touch-screen detention door controls. Closed-circuit televisions monitor inmate movements and digitally record the activities in high-liability areas. Vehicles entering the complex are monitored and controlled via the new guard house and gates at the main entrance. The HVAC system consists of a 520-ton air-cooled chilled water plant with a piping system capable of providing 1,040 tons future capacity.