Northwest Beaches International Airport Terminal Complex and Support Facilities

125,000 FT2
Panama City, FL, USA
Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing / Technology / Energy Services / Life Safety and Fire Protection
Project list


The terminal is a two-story structure with a single-level departure/arrival hall and includes all typical airport spaces - gates, passenger loading bridges, ticket counters and offices, baggage carousels, baggage handling facility and equipment, gate check-in counters, airport administration offices with boardroom, public conference room, security checkpoints, USO facility, along with restrooms, retail space and restaurants.


In the terminal, TLC designed the mechanical system that features two 240-ton water-cooled screw compressor chillers in a primary-secondary arrangement. Single-zone variable air flow (VAV) systems serve hold rooms, ticket lobbies and baggage claim areas, reducing maintenance access requirements above high ceilings and achieving operational cost savings.