Plantation Key Courthouse

30,000 sf
Plantation Key, Florida, USA
Government / State/Local
Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing / Technology / Life Safety and Fire Protection
Project list


Two-story courthouse facility containing three courtrooms, offices for the judges and clerks, as well as the state attorney’s office, clerk of court and drug administration area with a one story 12,000 sf all-male detention center facilitating up to 54 inmates and staff in a secure area.

The Courthouse phase of the Project includes multiple tenant groups including the 16th Judicial States Attorney’s Offices, Clerk of Courts – Civil, Traffic and Criminal Staff Offices, 16th Judicial Judges and administrative staff, three (3) court rooms, detention center, security services, facility maintenance, and information technology. The work will also include overhead and underground utility relocation, demolition of existing structures, relocation of key functions not remaining on site, utility upgrades, site restoration, site infrastructure upgrades including but not limited to drainage, storm water management, signage, lighting, paving, parking and landscaping.