Tampa International Airport Airsides A and F Air Handler Replacements

Tampa, FL, USA
Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing
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With aging air handler units reaching the end of their service lives and becoming less efficient due to air leakage, and less dependable from wear and tear, the Authority actively plans for capital improvement projects like these to assure continued operation for passenger comfort.

The Authority elected to replace eight key air handlers in Airsides A and F. The challenge was how to get the old units out, and the new in within a 36 hour window to minimize disruption of thermal comfort in the terminals during replacement. Working closely with the Authority, TLC determined phasing to assure continuity of operations during the replacement, with a focus on minimizing disruption.


Completed under RS&H’s continuing services agreement, TLC acted as the prime engineer, designing the mechanical and electrical replacement systems, and worked with a cost estimator for the development of the project budget, and reviewed all information with the Authority prior to bidding. TLC designed for low leakage casings and redundant supply fans to improve the Terminals’ resiliency.

As a phased project, Airside A’s two outside air units from 1991 were replaced successfully on time and on budget.  Airside F original six variable air volume chilled water units from 1987 have been bid in Phase II of the effort, which will require units to be ‘built in place’, meaning that upon demolition of the existing unit, a new unit is brought in full broken down and re-assembled under the guidance of a factory supervisor to ensure factory quality. The system will be run on a continuous basis for testing to complete the process.

The energy savings created with the replacements is projected at $800,000 over 30 years by eliminating air leakage due to fatigued casings and worn gaskets.