Image Courtesy: Larry Taylor
Image Courtesy: Larry Taylor
Image Courtesy: Larry Taylor

AdventHealth Orlando Command Center

11,000 FT2
Orlando, FL, USA
Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing / Life Safety and Fire Protection / Technology
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Located on the fourth floor of AdventHealth’s headquarters building, the new command center AKA “Mission Control” is an AI-powered command center that was created with the goal of helping the health system support its Central Florida hospitals. The new high-tech command center is powered with GE healthcare technology. The center uses artificial intelligence and algorithms to predict and solve a variety of complex situations such as ambulance and helicopter dispatch, patient transfers between units and facilities, and treatment prioritization across the various medical campuses. This state-of-the-art command center aims to improve overall experience, reduce patient wait times, and speed up time to treatment for better outcomes.


All HVAC equipment was replaced and upgraded due to the building’s increased personnel and computer load. A 30 ton air handling unit was replaced with a 55 ton unit with variable frequency drives. The chilled water systems are connected to the campus CEP. There is a UPS cabinet in the mechanical room that prevents data from being dropped when transferring from normal power over to generator power in the case of an outage or emergency. TLC coordinated and designed the connection for the command center into AdventHealth’s existing network infrastructure. This process required an investigation into what connections exist, a conversation on how to connect them, and then design of the pathways to get all the cabling into the existing building. Constant communication and coordination helped ease this process. A key challenge when working on this project was coordinating with GE to appropriately locate all equipment and the 70+ workstations. A raised floor carries all required cabling, allows for flexibility and meets the aesthetic requirements of the project, while also eliminating the need for power poles which could obstruct visibility of the overhead displays in the command center.