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Collier County Emergency Services Center

Naples, FL, USA
Collier County Emergency Services Center
Naples, FL, USA
Public Safety & Judicial
Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Technology
Project Size

125,000 square feet


One of the most technically advanced emergency operation centers in the country, the Collier County Emergency Services Center is also home to multiple county agencies. The four-story building includes emergency operations, command center, emergency medical services center, 911 call center, Sherriff’s office substation and television studio / press area. There’s also a 185-foot antenna tower and high-definition video wall.


The building and components were designed to withstand 175 mph wind loads and are in compliance with Collier County Standards for Vertical Construction. Among the building’s features are 100% backup electrical power, redundant telephone as well as satellite and radio communications. TLC designed a communications system that enables telephone and video communication between Collier County and other county, state or regional entities.