Engineering for State and Local Government

Customized Solutions to Meet Your Needs

TLC creates public spaces that benefit communities as a whole – engineering facilities for first responders, libraries, administrative complexes, recreation centers and libraries. We work to improve communities across America with functional, energy efficient and comfortable spaces.

Engineering libraries, senior recreation centers, city halls, courthouses, and office spaces for state and local government requires a deep understanding of rigid budget constraints balanced with practical, efficient solutions and cost-saving technologies. Public use demands safety and security be at the forefront of planning and TLC has a wide-range of experience in this area.

Existing government buildings are often designated as landmarks, requiring appropriate MEP, technology, security and structural integrity to serve as wind storm and emergency shelters. TLC has engineered award-winning facilities to meet these demanding needs, earning LEED certification on public buildings and providing a safe place to withstand the rigors of Mother Nature.

Our State/Local Leadership