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Public Safety & Judicial

Public Safety & Judicial

Public Safety & Judicial Facility Engineering

Keeping the Public Safe and Secure

Public facilities have specific requirements to withstand natural and man-made disasters and continue to operate efficiently through very challenging circumstances. TLC has engineered EOCs, fire and police stations, public safety complexes, as well as prisons and jails with redundancy, emergency back-ups systems and all the required measures to support the mission at hand. Courthouses reflect society’s need for judicial process and are designed as landmark buildings, requiring appropriate acoustical systems and technology to assure court personnel are heard, to provide security to protect the public, judicial staff and the accused, and to serve often as wind storm shelters.

All of these as public facilities need to be efficient to construct and operate as good stewards of tax dollars. TLC has engineered award-winning local, state and federal facilities to meet these demanding needs, earning LEED certification on massive public buildings and providing a safe place to withstand the rigors of Mother Nature.